Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back To Coll

The first day go back to college.
saw many new students waiting for the registration room to open.
Some of them looks friendly,some looks like wanna kill you if you touch them,
some acting cool and most of all some of them are shy like to stick around with their parents.
all of the past semester including me who'd passed the exam are there waiting for registration.
Am the first one who finished the registration!!

B04 PU3 11 01 01

nice number huh? haha next time take attendance easier don't need to wait for my name to call after people XDD.Finished registration came back home at 1:30pm.
thinking of having a good nap but overslept it.Can't stop it my bed is so attractive that i don't want to leave it from my body.
Woke up at 5:18pm feeling energised!!So anyone wants call me out?haha
I think that's it for today.Am having so many nice times meeting up with old friends
and ...
I hope you all enjoy your day too :D
Catch ya later!

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