Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back To Coll

The first day go back to college.
saw many new students waiting for the registration room to open.
Some of them looks friendly,some looks like wanna kill you if you touch them,
some acting cool and most of all some of them are shy like to stick around with their parents.
all of the past semester including me who'd passed the exam are there waiting for registration.
Am the first one who finished the registration!!

B04 PU3 11 01 01

nice number huh? haha next time take attendance easier don't need to wait for my name to call after people XDD.Finished registration came back home at 1:30pm.
thinking of having a good nap but overslept it.Can't stop it my bed is so attractive that i don't want to leave it from my body.
Woke up at 5:18pm feeling energised!!So anyone wants call me out?haha
I think that's it for today.Am having so many nice times meeting up with old friends
and ...
I hope you all enjoy your day too :D
Catch ya later!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mist Night

is a unforgettable night!
it's Alvin's birthday!!
we all had a good time in the club
love the surroundings
love the djs
and most of all
love the peoples on the dance floor!!
they're awesome !
but later go pray ancestors!!
already tired still wan to go to pray!!
but never mind
become a iron man!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

incomplete love

you.from the first day i saw you I've already fall for you.your smile could makes me thinks about all night,your voice sounds beautiful,your attitude makes my heart melt,you're like a drug that must be taken daily,makes me addicted,every time we chat I just feel like wanted this moments to last longer or never ends perhaps,i hope i can be with you always,can see your laugh.I'll do anything to be with you.all I have to do is to say 'I like you'.but these three words is very hard to speak it out.because I'm scared.scared that you reject me and don't want to chat with me anymore.that time I will never ever hear your laugh,voice and most of it i can't find a better person than you anymore.it's hard for me to accept it.I've been love and been hurt many times.although I'm tough from the outside but from the inside I was like a glass.it's fragile.easily broken and hard to refine it back.

Friday, November 12, 2010

why when i wanted to become a baker you offended me?!it's from the first time i stepped to the college taking that course i knew that that course is not my type!but why you still want me to study it?if you say want to study it it's still okay to me but you want me to apply to it.this field is not suitable for me.although it's an earning job but i wanted to try the road that people not yet went to.MY OWN ROAD!what i wanted to be is a BAKER!but you say that that field is hopeless!do you know that every single words that you said had broke my heart.i know what you do is for my own good but i want to try it myself.you're also a youngster like me before i guess you also know know my feeling but now you're building a wall to my dream.i just want to what i think it's the best to me.a work that won't bring me any regrets!a work that i happy with it!a work that could make others happy!that is called SATISFACTIONS OF WORKING!if you work on a thing that you don't have feelings on it no matter how you do is useless!it'll be like a rubbish to me!so let me go,let me try,at least i won't regret because i've tried it with all my wills!i will thank you for it.let yourself become yourself again MOTHER.a mother that i respect from the day i know what is respect,a mother that i love.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

starting line

why I that this life sucks?After all these years,I've been through things that other kids had.Get in to the kindergarten,school,high school,and now college!a study place that i always dream of!but why I'm still not satisfy with it?Is it the course I take is wrong?When I was small.my father asked me what's my ambition when I big that time?I told him that I want to become the most successful architect in Malaysia but now I take Cooling and Refrigerating System Course instead of Architecture course.Why is this happening in my plane progress?But that's a good thing too because I get to know what is my dream now.A Baker.Because I like to see people eating cakes made from myself and see their happy expression.That is call a satisfaction to me.Now it's about me whether to choose to become a technician like my mother told me to or to fulfill my actual dream that is to become a Baker.
I've decided until now and I'll choose to fulfill my dream of becoming a Baker.I want my family,friends,relatives happy.I hope I don't want to see any sad memories that had passed to happen again.I don't want to tears from my love ones and I wanted to be happy.Just like the old days!

Friday, September 17, 2010


why early in the morning started to nag me?why other people did wrong but i'm the one who'd been scold?why always i'm the one who wrong?i've did what you want me to do.i hear what you wanted me to change.i've done almost everything for you but why i still be blamed by you?brother didn't went to work.who to blame?me?why?i don't know.i went out hang out with friends,you tell me to stay at home.for what?to hear what you scold me?WHY?why MOM why?i know you and dad had problems
but you can't let the stress on me.i'm not a PUPPET!i have feelings too.don't you ever think about how i feel?i feel like i'm gonna crazy already.my brain is blank now.even feeling like want to suicide so that everyone don't need to blame me about everything and all people live peacefully.but if i did that does it changes anything?NO!asking me to think carefully before you talk but did you done that?Look.I love you mom.i respect you.but do you?i don't know.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


today went out to leisure mall to see ''tong bak fu II''at 1pm after taking alvin to exam near klcc
when we reached leisure mall we thought that they've bought the tickets but when we reach there they only going to que to buy the tickets ..how cute was that?lols
the movie is quite funny but not worth it to watch with few people..recommended to watch with groups =D
after watch movie we later went to eat at 'char chan teng' inside the mall
but i didn't eat.instead, i've drank 5 iced milk tea consistantly because of them can't finish the birthday jug =.= and makes me want to vomit but when reached home ok a little
almost had milk tea phobia after drinking it =.=!|
but it's a fun day because didn't go out with friends for quite a long time because of work .
now waiting for tuesday for the college orientation..so nervous.